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Lasarson E. V., Schitsin Yu. D. — Department for welding production in The Perm National Research Polytechnic University is 50 years old

A history of the creation and formation of the department for welding production in The Perm National Research Polytechnic University is given.
Key words: university, department of welding production, scientific manpower

Krivonosova Ye. A., Rudakova O. A. — Structure influence of separated layers of steel 10Г2ФБЮ welds on resistance to fatigue failure

The results of fatigue bend tests of multilayer welds of the steel 10Г2ФБЮ are given. The quantitative parameters of resistance to fatigue — the duration of incubation period of the fatigue crack origin and the crack propagation speed in the period of stable development are identified.
Key words: arc welding, fatigue crack, weld

Trushnikov D. N., Belenky V. Ya. — Research of formation of secondary current signal in plasma at the electron-beam welding with electron beam oscillation

The research results of the formation of secondary current signal in plasma at the electron-beam welding with beam oscillation along across a butt are given. The analysis of the secondary signal performed by a synchronous storage method. It is established that the parameters of a function which is the result of secondary signal treatment by the synchronous storage method depend on a focusing mode.
Key words: electron-beam welding, oscillation, secondary current signal

Olshanskaya T. V., Trushnikov D. N., Belenky V. Ya., Mladenov G. M. — Influence of electron beam oscillation on formation of weld structure and properties

It is established that the using of electron beam oscillation has a direct influence on the process of primary and secondary structure formation of weld metal according to the changes of a weld shape.
Key words: structure and properties, oscillation, electron-beam welding

Sinani I. L., Schitsin Yu. D., Fomin I. B. — Ion-plasmous composition for soldering of titanium alloys

The present work sets as the purpose working out of layered composition Mo—Ni on titanic alloy OT4 with application non-polluting magnetron a method. The mechanism of formation of good connection in contact pair OT4—Mo at a stage of drawing of a covering is offered. It is shown that in the conditions of a temperature mode of the soldering of a layered composition (850 °C) occurs mutual diffusion penetration of materials that provide high quality of coupling in terminal pair OT4—Mo and Mo—Ni.
Key words: magnetron sputtering, diffusion layer, terminal pair, activation energy, adherence

Schitsin Yu. D., Kuchaev P. S., Schitsin V. Yu. — Plasma-arc metal cutting with reversed polarity direct and mixed gas supply

The present report describes the development and appliance experience of plasma-arc metal cutting with reversed polarity direct and mixed gas supply. There is shown high efficiency of plasma-arc metal cutting with direct-current reversed polarity using either manual or machine cut in workshop condition. It is significant that number of starts of constricted arc might be more than 1000 for nondestructive electrode efficiency.
Key words: plasma-arc cutting, cutting plasmatron, reversed polarity direct, mixed gas supply


Khorev V. N., Khavanov V. A., Roschin V. V., Budkin Yu. V. — Automatic surfacing at renovation of sealing surfaces of main circulating pump of NPP reactor of kind ВВЭР-1000

Technology of surfacing by welding wire for the renovation of the sealing surfaces of the main circulating pump of the NPP reactor is developed. The technology is realized using the welding system CA-692.
Key words: surfacing, renovation, surface, power unit

Lukin V. I., Kovalchuk V. G., Golev Ye. V., Mazalov I. S., Ovchenkova I. I. — Welding of heat-resistant nickel alloy ВЖ171 strengthening by internal nitriding

The conditions of the automatic and manual argon-arc welding of the heat-resistant alloy ВЖ171 are selected. The research results of the technological and mechanical properties as well as of the structure of welded joints are given.
Key words: argon-arc welding, welded joints, nitriding, hot cracks, strength, impact ductility

Ivanov V. I., Burumkulov F. Kh., Verkhoturov A. D., Gordiyenko P. S., Panin Ye. S., Konevtsov L. A. — Surface layer formation at electric discharge alloying of low-carbon steel by hard alloy

The research results of the morphology, elemental and phase composition of surface layers performed by electrical discharge treatment in the gaseous atmosphere of the steel Ст10 by ceramic-metal hard alloy ВК8 are given.
Key words: electric discharge alloying, specific time, vibration frequency, surface layer, structure, erosion, properties

Zhudra A. P., Voronchuk A. P., Petrov A. V., Kochura V. O. — Fabrication technology of sheet lining elements

Fabrication technology of lining elements of low-carbon steel sheets with faced wearresistant layer from 3 to 17 mm in thickness is developed. The specifications of equipment and technological process are described.
Key words: bimetallic sheets, installation, control system, surfacing, flux-cored flux, lining elements

Ogolikhin V. M., Stoyanovsky O. I., Cherendin A. F., Shemelin S. D. — Explosion treatment of materials on installation КВГ-16

The reasonability of the application of the installation КВГ-16 to make parts and devices of exploited main and auxiliary equipment using the energy of explosives is established.
Key words: localizers, blasting chamber, explosion welding


Dubrovina N. A. — Structural factors of dynamics of material base of mechanical engineering of Russia

The necessity of technological modernization of mechanical engineering is proved. The maintenance modernization processes, the precondition, a condition and means of their realization is considered. The special attention is given the structurally-dynamic factors influencing transformation of branch.
Key words: mechanical engineering, innovations, material base, modernization, structurallydynamic factors


Ivanov A. N. — The 7th international specialized exhibition "Photonics. World of lasers and optics — 2012"


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