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Contents (№1 2008)
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Frolov V. A., Nikitina Ye. V.Study of reasons for tightness loss under conditions of arc welding of the BAJ116 and 1420 alloys

Bezborodov I. A.Development of the calculative technique to determine mechanized build-up parameters according to the pad required thickness

Yefimenko L. A., Kapustin O. Ye., llyukhin V. Yu., Konovalova O. V.Analysis of bent to strain ageing of various-strength-types pipe steel

Karkhin V. A., Khomich P. N., Rayamyaki P., Fedotov B. V.Analysis of thermal cycle at steel contact flash welding

Sidorov V. P., Kovtunov A. I., Chermashentseva T. V., Selyanin P. N.Study of structural heredity effect at aluminium alloys soldering


Dyurguerov N. G., Saguirov Kh. N., Morozkin I. S.Component reconditioning advanced technologies for the railroad equipment

Tarasov A. N., Panfilov V. A., Pavlovsky N. R.Ferrous-cobalt permendure structure and properties at producing welded and soldered magnetic conductors for electric jet microthrusters

Volkov S. S.Ultrasonic contour welding of products from polymeric materials filled with foodstuffs

Sheynman Ye. L.ASMT standard for cast welding


Arsenyeva N. V. — Innovative program strategy development for the enterprises of the machine-building complex


Winkler F. — Powder wire efficient use at arc welding


Suslov An. A. — The 7th International specialized exhibition "ROSSVARKA/ WELDEX'2007"


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