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Eremin Е. N., Losev А. S. — Borides influence on the processes in a metal padded via a powder wire 0N13М5Х4FSТYu at elevated temperatures

Results of investigation of operational properties of maraging Fe-Ni-Mo-Cr-V-Si-Ti-Al composite steel structure containing a boron compound. Found that the presence in of borides flux cored wire comprising 0Ni13Mo5Cr4VSiTiAl leads to increased barrier properties of the oxide film on the surface of the metal at high temperatures and provides high heat resistance and heat resistance.
Key words: deposited metal; maraging steel; boride; thermal stability, hardness; oxides; heat resistance

Gladkov E. А., Babkin А. S., Rocshchupkin V. N. — Definition of the heating spot efficient radius of electric arc

The determination methodology of the heating spot effective radius of an r0-arc consisting in radius and depth iterative calculation of fusion penetration for the equation of a moving warmth source with the thermal flux distributed in normal law is proposed. Dependences of the heating spot effective radius of an r0-arc from mode parameters are received through the use of the similarity theory methods for welding low-carbonaceous and low-alloy steels in carbon dioxide and the mix Ar + 20 % CO2. The received equations with experimentally defined coefficients are adduced.
Key words: An arc heating spot, a thermal flux, the theory of similarity, low-carbonaceous steel, the low-alloy steel

Lukin V. I., Kovalchuk V. G., Pokrovckaya N. G., Golev E. V., Bannykh O. A., Antsiferova M. V., Bannykh I. O. — Welding of the medium-carbon constructional steel

The selected optimal filler material researched technological, mechanical properties and structure of welded joints.
Key words: argon arc welding, welded joints, the resistance against the formation of hot cracks, strength, impact strength, structure

Dragunov V. K., Gribkov M. S., Martynov V. N., Sysoev A. G. — Prediction modes of electron beam welding (EBW) in manufacturing multi-seam construction

The problem of obtaining multi joint parts with EBW are discussed. Found that if do hut take into account the change in temperature after the first welding seams and subsequent welding of seams on the same modes, the depth of penetration increases, which is confirmed by experiments. It is shown that for the same penetration depth in the several stitches on a single product, you need the second and subsequent welds performed on the adjusted mode after temperature equalization throughout the volume of the product. The method of calculation modes sequentially executed EBW seams and exposure time to equalize the temperature of the product were developed.
Key words: Electron-beam welding, depth of penetration, welding modes, welding seam

Sudnik V. A. — The section "Basics of the welding modeling" in the reference book from publishing ASM International (USA)

Information on issue of the reference book the "Bases of Welding and Processes" volume 6A, 2011 is adduced. (Publishing house ASM, USA), contents of the section "Bases of welding modeling" is opened. Authors of the section are experts from Germany, India, Canada, Norway, the USA, Ukraine and Sweden.
Key words: welding modeling, modeling of a mass heat transfer, numerical aspects of modeling


Lyalyakin V. P., Kostukov A. Yu., Denisov V. A. — Restoration technology features of the oil pump house for the diesel Caterpillar via a gasdynamic sputtering

Describes a process recovery engine oil pump housing and Caterpillar-3ll6, Caterpillar-3l26 with worn wells using the method of cold gas dynamic spraying of powder materials and subsequent bore coating the jig boring machines using special tooling. The cost or rebuilding the oil pump housing does not exceed 10—15 % of the cost of the new part, and the resource — not less than a new part of the resource.
Key words: oil pump housing, wear, repair, gas-dynamic spraying

Chigarev V. V., Tsys Е. А. — Materials and methods electrocontact hardening of the parts

The advantages and drawbacks of electrocontact hardening of parts are considered for all the materials described in the article.
Key words: electrocontact surfacing, powder materials, powder tapes, powder wires, tape and wire of solid section

Shibalov M. V., Kurkov А. А., Maslov А. Е. — Reliability valuation method of weld seams on the basis of statistical processing of radiographic control results

Comparative research of mechanical properties, the radiographic and metallographic analysis structure of the argonarc-welded seams after repair through the use of resistance spot welding are carried out. Increase of maintainability when replacing argonarc backing run of defects with resistance spot welding is noted.
Key words: arc welding, easy alloys, defect structure statistics, maintainability, spot welding


Stroshkov V. P., Vlasova M. S. — Formation and management of the innovative project patent portfolio at the enterprise

In the market conditions many enterprises pass from practice of separate technologies patenting to patents portfolio formation. Effective management of a patent portfolio allows to increase the capitalization level and the enterprise attractiveness to partners and investors. Authors offered universal model of the innovative project patent portfolio management at the small innovative enterprise.
Key words: patent portfolio, innovative project, protection of intellectual property, management of a patent portfolio


Suslov An. А. — 14th international specialized exhibition of welding materials, equipment and technologies "Weldex/Rossvarka — 2014"


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