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Contents (№1 2007)
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Karkhin V. A., Levchenko A. M., Khomich P. N. — Experimental effective technique of diffusible hydrogen concentration accelerated determination in built-up metal

Dmitrik V. V., Lyapunov A. M. — Slide mechanism in the weld metal structure of the thermal-stable pearlitic steel joints in the conditions of creepage

Gaytov B. Kh., Kashin Ya. M. — Polyphase welding apparatus

Tsarkov A. V., Rayevsky V. A. — Effective conditions specification for the heat-exchange apparatus tube plates welding by computer simulation


Furman Ye. L., Gorin M. V. — Study of the alloying element effect on the weld metal tendency to the hot-crack formation

Ananyev S. P., Korotkov V. A., Goloviznin B. L., Kozlov V. V. — Crane wheels deposition improvement

Zenin V. V., Bokarev D. I., Kozintsev O. G. — Device for crack remote monitoring in materials and weld seams

Korotkov V. A., Mikhaylov I. D., Babaylov D. S. — Rollers deposition study of blanks continuous casting machine

Alpeyeva T. V., Kotelnikov A. A. — Welded girders robotic production for mast structures

Korolkov P. M. — Advanced techniques of the main pipeline welded joints heat treatment


Ageeva N. G. — Control of competitive advantages for the aircraft industry plants


Suslov An. A. — The 6th International specialized exhibition "ROSSVARKA/WELDEX'2006"


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