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Korchaguin P. V., Kazakov Yu. V., Potekhin V. P. — Thermodeformative processes at continuous arc welding of the parts of different thickness

Featheredge stability conditions are spesified at through-penetration argon-continuous arc lap welding of the parts with great difference in thickness. A mathemetical model of the temperature field at through-penetration welding of a featheredge using a phenomenon of arc anode spot lag from the electrode axis is suggested.
Key words: continuous arc welding, through penetration, mathematical model, stability

Zubarev V. Yu., Kolomensky B. A., Kolomensky A. B. — Effect of the welding conditions on the impact strength of the titanium welding joints

Effect of the welding conditions and annealing on the impact strength of different heat-affected areas of the titanium welded joints is studied. Impact strength maximum is established in the range of 350—550 °C, in practice that coincides with the temperature peaks for short-time strength and fatigue life.
Key words: titanium alloy, welding, annealing, delayed fracture, fatigue crack life

Goncharov A. L. — Thermal e. m. f. study of steels and alloys of different structural classes at electron-beam welding

Research results of the thermoelectric properties of steels of different structural classes are covered, as well as of the alloys on the bases of nickel and cobalt. Thermal dependencies are obtained for the absolute thermal e. m. f. coefficient of materials.
Key words: thermal e. m. f., thermal e. m. f. coefficient, steel, alloy, procedure

Balagansky A. Yu., Ivanaysky V. V. — Modelling of the induction deposit welding of the components of variable cross-section

A model is suggested which allows for estimating operating rate, pad quality and obtaining information on energy consumption from an external power source and its release in the heated components, and therefore selecting controllable parameters to ensure optimum values of the process output characteristic.
Key words: modelling, calculation, process, components, variable section, induction welding

Tarasov A. N., Murashko V. M., Gopanchook V. V. — New plasma-arc coating of the electric thrusters magnetic conductors components

Research results of the sputtering conditions and further heat treatment effect on the structures and properties of the coatings from titanium nitride through the sublaer of the intermetallids Ni—Ti and Ni—Al are given.
Key words: plasma-arc coating, intermetallid, magnetic conductors, heat resistance, erosion resistance


Pavlov N. V., Kryukov A. V., Zernin Ye. A. — Wire-discrete-feeding gas mixture welding

Research results of the pattern and extent of shielding medium effect on the sputtering and waste amount of the electrode metal loss at mixed-gas welding with pulsed feeding of wire are described.
Key words: welding, shielding medium, sputtering and waste metal loss

llyaschenko D. P., Zernin Ye. A., Shadsky S. V. — Welding aerosol chemical composition at covered-electrode manual arc welding

Welding aerosol formation and factors influencing on its quantitative composition are studied.It is established that there is an insignificant increase in the fundamental components of the welding aerosol without maximum permissible concentration (MPC) excess at manual covered-electrode welding.
Key words: manual arc welding, covered-electrode, shielding coating, welding aerosol

Khaustov V. S., Arbuzov V. M., Babichev O. V., Troyanov I. M., Praliyev D. A. — Specialized stand for machine welding of the aircraft constructions

Key specifications of the new machine welding stand for the aircraft constructions are given. The stand ensures aluminium and titanium welds’ high quality and reliability. Working capacity and advantage as compared with foreing analogues are assessed.
Key words: machine welding, stand, quality and reliability of the welded joints

Metlitsky V. A. — Cast iron pressure welding: A review

An analytical survey of the publications on cast iron pressure welding is offered. Advantages and disadvantages of different welding processes are considered. Examples of welding pieces and construction units from cast iron and cast iron and steel combined articles are given. Cast iron pressure welding state-of-the-art and development prospect of rthe area are covered.
Key words: welding practice, cast iron, steel, welded joints, mechanical properties


Ismaguilova L. A., Guileva T. A. — Non-material resource management at machine-building enterprise: maxims and tooling

A methodological approach to non-material resources management at machine-building plant is suggested which is based on using competence of an enterprise as a special type of resource. Instrument enabling implementation of the suggested approach to the non-material resource management is developed.
Key words: competence of an enterprise, non-material resource, complex directed management, practical approbation


llyaschenko D. P., Krampit N. Yu. —Organization of the students' practical training at integrated teaching system

The article presents the experience of industrial practice of students specialty "Equipment and technology of welding production in Yurginski Technological Institute of Tomsk Polytechnic University, where feature learning is an integrated system. Students simultaneously receive classroom training in educational institutions and industrial and practical training directly to the organizations and enterprises of the city.
Key words: production practices, especially education, training, integration


Ivanov A. N. — International specialized exhibition "MITEX—2009"


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