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Sayfullin R. N., Rafikov I. A., Pavlov A. P. — Plasma building-in of the powder materials in the magnetic field

Abstract Investigated the influence the longitudinal magnetic field on the properties of weld metal. The results showed that the longitudinal magnetic field at a certain induction positive effect on indicators such as burnup of alloying elements, depth of foundering of the base metal, hardness and microhardness of the coating.
Key words: plasma surfacing; longitudinal magnetic field; reconditioning of parts; strengthening coatings; powder materials

Govorun T. P., Lyubich A. I. — Theoretical substantiation and development of the economically alloyed welding materials

Designed metal deposit having a martensitic structure with titanium carbide inclusions delivers high wear resistance and can be successfully used for parts building-up operating under conditions of abrasive wear.
Key words: abrasive wear, thermodynamic analysis, Gibbs energy, wear-resistant alloy, martensitic structure, high wear resistance

Shiganov I. N., Samarin P. E. — Forming process modelling of the compound coating with SiC particles on the aluminum alloy aluminum alloy by powerful laser radiation

This work is devoted to modeling process of penetration of SiC particles in molten surface produced by powerful laser radiation of the aluminum alloy. Creation of such surfaces allows significantly increasing the wear resistance of aluminum alloy. Physical and mathematical model describe necessary technological conditions for penetration of particles to a depth up to 1,5—2,0 mm. The results of calculations are confirmed experimentally.
Key words: laser, particles, model, surface, calculations, microstructures

Bykovskiy O. G., Lapteva A. N., Mishchenko A. S., Pasko N. P., Rusev G. M. — Heat content and the structure of particles at the plasma spraying a conductor wire

Determined enthalpy of plasma flow and particles: 112,05 kJ for aluminum, 64,45 kJ for copper, 59,43 kJ for bronze BrKMts3-1, for metal sprayed wires 65G H, PP-I00H15M2G2R and St 07H20N9G7T 64—45 kJ 79,32 kJ and 39,66 kJ respectively. High values of enthalpy plasma streams with aluminum and cored wire seems to be associated with the exothermic reaction of aluminum metal and graphite powder in the composition of the wire.
Determined by the shape, size and size distribution of sputtered particles. Found that the bulk of the sprayed coating material is tested by more than 80 % of the size fraction 0,4—0,1 mm, while the fine fraction size of 0,1 mm or less have poor cohesive strength and reduce the adhesiveness of the coating. Their fast-layer — steel brush removal can improve pavement strength by 25—30 %.
Key words: рlasma jet calorimeter heat balance, enthalpy, the particle size, particle composition, the exothermic reaction


Khorev A. I. — Development of titanium alloy sheet for use in welded structures operating at high temperatures

The following distinctive features of the welded constructional alloys for hightemperature application (to 7 000 °C) are adduced: application flexibility, possibility to make sheet semi-finished products, a good welding rated and possibility to carry out sheet stamping, bending, flanging. It allows to increase the metal utilization factor from 4 to 6 times and to expand the nomenclature of the made details and welded assembly from 2 to 4 times.
Key words: titanic alloy, refractoriness, limit of long strength, thermomechanical parameters, deformation rate, alloying

Lebedev V. A., Saraev Yu. N. — Pulse influence on welding and welding deposit processes through the use of a mechanized and automatic equipment

The paper discusses and analyzes the possibilities of welding equipment different systems for the pulse and oscillating movements implementation with the purpose of possibilities widening automatic and mechanized arc welding and welding deposit.
It is determined that the constant improvement of welding equipment systems and their combined application represent the prospect of the technical means development for obtaining of the impulse influence.
Key words: welding, welding deposit, automatic machine and semiautomatic machine for consumable electrode welding, puls influence, feed and movement machinery/control

Leonov V. P., Mikhaylov V. I. — Technological and constructive features of the sea titanic alloys welding

Applicable methods of welding of marine titanium alloys are not principally different from conventional methods applied for welding of titanium which provide good protection from environment action. Welding is usually performed either in inert gas medium or in vacuum. However, there are certain technological and design peculiarities of welded joints required in connection with actual operating conditions of marine structures. These peculiarities are considered in the article.
Key words: welding, titanium alloys, technology

Anakhov S. V., Pykin Yu. A., Matushkin A. V. — Gas-vortex stabilization in plasmatorches: new decisions

The analysis of several constructive solutions in plasmatrons for metal cutting is done. Influence of such solutions on efficiency of plasma gas uniformity in cross-section of an air-gas path is investigated. On the basis of the presented solutions synthesis the new gas rotating system with a complex of gas-dynamic filters is offered and optimized. Operational advantages of new plasmatron with modernized gas rotating system of stabilization are presented.
Key words: plasmotron, designing, flow dynamics, velocity, dynamic pressure, air-gas path, profiling, gas rotating stabilization, swirl canals, expansion chamber, plasma gas, plasma jet, computational modeling


Shtennikov V. N. — Problems of the system "Anti-plagiarism" application

The paper shows the main factors that reduc e the effectiveness of plagiarism detection in in academic works — it is dogma "forms of protection works" dogma and "subjective novelty". Proposals to increase the efficiency plagiarism detection in in academic works.
Key words: economy, intellectual property, scientific work, plagiarism


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