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Contents (№6 2008)
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Ammosov A. P., Ammosov G. S. — Fracture toughness estimated by brittle crack propagation in steel structures at lower temperature

Rodin M. Ye., Semionov A. N., Plyshevsky M. I., Rivkin Ye. Yu., Souglobova L. V., Tyurin V. N. — Mechanical properties investigation of the welded connections between rust-resisting steel and titanium alloys

Vyboyschik L. M., Louchkin R. S., Platonov S. Yu. — Structure factor of the stress corrosion welded strength of the oil-field pipes

Makiyenko V. M., Romanov I. O., Baranov Ye. M., Stroitelev D. V. —Austenitic steel higher cold resistance growth at wear refacing by flux cored wire electroarc overlaying

Nemova T. N., Stepanov A. P. — Vortex excitation mechanism of the electric welding arc

Frolov V. P., Plaunov V. P. — On the role of scientific schools integration in the solution of major scientific and technical problems of permanent joint obtaining


Potapov N. N., Volobuyev Yu. S., Feklistov S. I. — Application features of GOST R 52222-2004 "Welding fused fluxes for machine welding"

Grinenko V. I., Roschin V. V., Khavanov V. A., Poloskov S. I. — On welding automation of the erection pipeline joints of nuclear power plants

Lankin Yu. N., Moskalenko A. A., Tyukalov V. G., Kovtunenko V. A., Kuran R. I., Kouzmenko D. Yu. — Up-to-date experience of the erection slag welding application in the metallurgical industry in Ukraine

Vereschago Ye. N., Kvasnitsky V. F, Kostyuchenko V. I. — The PLASMA 110i HF quasi resonance power supply for plasma-arc cutting

Zhuravliov V. V. — Diamond-point cutter soldering features

Panfilov V. A., Murashko V. M., Tarasov A. N. — Titanium alloys in the arrangement of the Russian tricolour for the Arctic Ocean


Yezhov G. P. — Up-to-date industrial management and prospect of its development


Malich N. V. — Cooperation development basic forms of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) and enterprises under conditions of market economy


Uusitalo Yu., Mosyaguin A. S., Linovsky S. A. — Innovation of the modified short-arc welding practices


Suslov An. A. —The 8   International salon of innovations and investments


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