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Khorev A. I. — Complex alloying and heat treatment of the titanium alloys

Savinov A. V., Atamanyuk V. I., Lapin I. Ye., Lysak V. I., Markin A. B. — Shielding gas composition influence on the thermal conditions of non-consumable electrodes at arc welding

Makarenko N. G., Vivdenko Yu. N., Rezin S. A. — Recondition of heavy-loaded surface blemished parts

Alpeyeva T. V., Yemelyanov V. M., Kotelnikov A. A. — Displacement design steps for tubular robotized welding


Khromchenko F. A. — Pipeline welded joints technical diagnostics. Part 1. Welded joints of the 1st class pipelines

Knyazkov A. F, Krampit N. Yu., Krampit A. G. — Drop transfer process control at carbon-dioxide-shielded long-arc-welding

Mozok V. M., Lebedev V. A. — Unique repair using electrode controlled pulse feeding

Lyushinsky A. V., Yefanov A. A., Chooklinov S. V., Bilyk A. V., Konstantinov V. V., Sokolov Yu. A., Prosvirin V. P., Bratchook S. D. — The UDS-I diffusion welding installation

Babkin V. A., Lavrov A. I., Lovyrey P. B., Trukhan M. N., Finogentov O. G., Ko-rabliov N. V., Korolkov P. M. — A reactor 3D heat treatment by internal heat in the live plant renovation conditions

Marchenko A. Ye. — Electrode manufacturing quality management system process approach according to MC ISO 9000:2000


Fateyev A. Ye. — Entrepreneurial resources of scientific and industrial structures of the innovation field in the economic circumstances


Ushakova Ye. —The "Scansonic" innovation technologies in the field of laser joint is a new chapter in laser engineering development


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