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Krektuleva R. A., Cherepanov O. I., Cherepanov R. O. — Weld preparation influence on formation of residual stresses and deformations in welded joint of heterogeneous steels

With the using of numerical methods the change of the thermomechanical state of the welded joint field of heterogeneous steels is researched in a wide temperature interval. The analysis of the weld preparation influence on the formation of residual stresses and deformations in the welded joint of two-layer steels with different physical and mechanical properties and service characteristics is performed. The calculation results match with the experimental data.
Key words: weld, non-stationary temperature field, coating, thermoplasticity, thermal conductivity

Afanasyeva L. Ye., Barabonova I. A., Zorenko P. O., Yakovlev I. A., Grechishkin R. M., Grezev A. N., Grezev N. V. — Laser welding in external electric and magnetic fields

Possibilities of non-contact control of laser processing with the aid of external electric and magnetic fields are considered. Schemes of coupling the field sources with laser technological installations are given. Experimental results on the effect of external fields on laser welding of carbon and stainless steel are presented.
Key words: laser processing, avalanche ionization, plasma torch, welding depth, influence of external fields

Muravyev V. I., Bakhmatov P. V., Logvinov O. P., Melkostupov K. A. — Influence of weld edges activation on pore-formation at fusion welding of titanium workpieces

It is established that the nature of the structure formation of the surface layer of joining edges has influence on the depth of the loosened surface layer, the intensity and extensiveness of the adsorption capacity of the impurity and accordingly on the thermally activated process of the hardphase interaction in front of the melted bath and the defect level (level of porosity) in the weld.
Key words: capillary-condensed and surface-condensed moisture, hydrogen content, layout of workpieces, porosity, titanium alloys

Bulychev V. V., Latypov R. A. — Estimation of joint strength of homogeneous metals at electric-contact welding

The mechanism of an increase in the density of active centers during the thermomechanical cycle of the electric-contact welding of homogeneous metals is examined. Dependences for the calculated evaluation of the density of active centers and relative strength of the connection of the welded-on and base metals are obtained.
Key words: electric-contact welding, dislocation density, density of active centers, area of the center of gripping, relative strength of connection


Karetnikov D. V., Rizvanov R. G., Fayrushin A. I., Kolokhov K. S. — Reliability improvement of oil and gas equipment working under conditions of the considerable temperature difference 

The currency of the further perfection of the welding technology of oil and gas equipment made of materials with good weldability (low-alloyed steel) and working under conditions of the considerable temperature difference of the environment is proved. The possibility to improve the reliability indexes of oil and gas equipment made of low-alloyed steel is shown on basis of the data of the microstructural analysis, the impact bending tests of specimens at different temperatures and the determination of residual stress level of the third kind.
Key words: welded constructions, weld, vibration treatment, mechanical properties, microstructure, residual stresses, cold-resistance

Sidorov V. P., Korotkova G. M., Motorin K. V., Troitskiy V. A., Zabiyaka I. S. — Spot plasma welding of aluminium alloys

The research results of spot joint formation at the alternating-current argon tungsten-arc welding of aluminium alloys are given. The technology of the spot plasma welding of aluminium alloys is developed. The fulfilled metallographic analysis and mechanical tests of welded specimens showed good strength properties and the absence of defects in spot welded joints.
Key words: spot plasma welding, alternating current, aluminium alloys, spot parameters, structure

Lukin V. I., Ioda Ye. N., Bazeskin A. V., Lavrenchuk V. P., Ovchinnikov V. V., Makhin I. D. — Features of welded joint formation at friction stir welding of aluminium alloy В-1469

It is established that at the friction stir welding of aluminium alloys there is possibility of defect formation in the form of discontinuity flaw, exfoliation, looseness, cling as well as specific "tunnel" defect. The majority of these defects are connected with welding parameters, and they are assuredly detected by the X-ray inspection method.
Key words: friction stir welding, aluminium-lithium alloys, X-ray, capillary and ultrasonic methods of inspection

Moskvitin G. V., Polyakov A. N., Birger Ye. M. — Application of laser welding methods in modern industrial production (review)

The laser welding methods of corrosion-resistant steel, aluminium and magnesium alloys, titanium, cast iron, heterogeneous and other materials are examined. These methods are used in automobile, medical, electronic, shipbuilding and other industries.
Key words: laser welding, hybrid technologies, laser beam, weld


Krasnopevtseva I. V. — Modern state of material and technical basis of working efficiency in Russian industrial enterprises

The research results of the dynamic analysis of a working efficiency level in manufacturing industry of Russian Federation and economic activity in the field of machine building and metal-working are given. The necessity of production development by the innovation way connected with enterprise modernization in order to increase a working efficiency level in industry is emphasized. The state of the fixed capital of industrial enterprises, the tendencies of investments into machinery and equipment are considered. The low rates of the renewal of fixed capital are noted in machine building itself.
Key words: working efficiency, machine building, metal-working, fixed capital, investments


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