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Chermashentseva T. V., Kovtoonov A. I. — Welding features of the aluminium-coated steels in the active gaseous medium

It is established that weld metal saturation by aluminium occurs at welding steels coated by aluminium, and this decreases mechanical properties of the welded joints substantially. Application of the gaseous medium with high oxidizing ability at welding allows for refining weld metal from aluminium and for improving strength and plastic properties of the aluminium-coated steel welded joints.
Key words: mixed gas welding, aluminium content, mode parameters, ultimate strength, specificelongation

Cheprasov D. P., Seydurov M. N., Ivanaysky A. A. — Granular bainitic structures formation features in the heat-affected zone of the welded joints from high-strength low alloy steel

Morphology and conditions of intermediate granular structure formation in the heat-affected zone at submerged arc welding of the bainitic high-tensile steels are considered. It is shown that austenitizing temperature and type of plastic collapse have considerable influence upon mesoferrite and granular bainite formation under conditions of thermodeformative welding cycles.
Key words: structure, temperature of austenitizing, plastic deformation, arc welding

Steklov O. I., Shafikov R. R., Sevastyanov S. P. — Possibility theoretic experimental justification of the main pipeline maintenance using nonstop gas-transfer welding techniques

A possibility of carrying out selective repairs without stopping gas transfer by patching corrosive defects at minimum residual pipe wall thickness of 12 mm is confirmed.
Keywords: pipeline, defect, heat problem, strength properties, safety

Gnyusov S. F., Gnyusov K. S., Ignatov A. A., Tolmachov K. A., Durakov V. G. — Carbide-steel vacuum electron-beam deposit welding. Part III. Influence of the run number on the structural phase state of the P6M5 steel based composite coatings

Influence of an electron beam run number on the structural phase state of the hardened case on the base of steel P6M5 and steel P6M5 + 20 % WC compound is studied by the methods of optical and raster electronic microscopy, roentgen fluorescent analysis. It is shown that two morphological carbide types are distinguished in the tree-run weld deposition, i. e. elongated along the austenitic granule lines and small equiaxed in volume granules. This gives significant increase in microhardness of the hardened case.
Keywords: electron-beam deposit welding, carbide-steel, run number, microhardness

Boodkin Yu. V. — Seam formation mechanism study at refractory metals electron-beam welding

Seam formation mechanism at electron-beam welding is studied to obtain serviceable and reliable welded joints of refractory metals and constructional alloys on the base of iron and nickel. An interaction process control possibility between refractory metal and steel by technical and power-producing parameters control is established.
Keywords: electron-beam welding, wetting process, intermetallic joints, limiting wetting angle

Radchenko M. V., Mankovsky S. A., Shevtsov Yu. O., Radchenko V. G., Rad-chenko T. B. — Supersonic gas-powder surfacing process pilot research for the heat-and-power engineering services

Research results of thesupersonic powder surfacing of the high alloys on the surfaces of tube components of steam generating units with boiling bed are covered.
Key words: supersonic gas-powder surfacing, wear-resistance, boiling bed, microhardness

Pervukhin L. B., Rikhter D. V., Pervookhina O. L., Bondarenko S. Yu. — Discontinuity flaw formation features at two-layer large-size plate production by explosion welding

Continuity check results of two-layer plates from several consignments are given. A shock pinched plasma generator and explosion welding technique on its base are developed, application of which allowed for excluding discontinuity formation at the beginning of welding and for eliminating stabilization area of joint efficiency and wave волновой structure.
Keywords: explosion welding, discontinuity flaw, cumulation effect, joint efficiency


Chooklinov S. V. — Operation experience of the automated multifunctional facility ЭЛУР-1AT for electron-beam treatment

An automated multifunction facility ЭЛУP-1AT for electron-beam welding is designed and manufactured to produce units and components for gas-turbine engines.
Keywords: electron-beam welding, installation, gas-turbine engine

Dragunov V. K., Gladyshev O. M., Benevolsky Ye. S. — Inverter power supply for the electron-beam welding gun

Design features of the electron welding guns’ high-voltage power supply using high- frequency transistor transducers are covered. Realization of a source of accelerating voltage 60 kV and current up to 100 mA is described, also the construction and operation parameters, static and dynamic behavior of the power supply.
Keywords: power supply, electron-beam gun, accelerating voltage, system stability

Isakayev E. Kh., Gusev V. M., Mordynsky V. B., Gusev M. V., Katarzhis V. A., Spektor N. O. — Manufacturing capabilities enhancement of the thermodiffusion galvanizing

Thermodiffusion galvanizing application features are considered for galvanizing tubes over 6 m long; galvanize mixtures expenditure reduction and energy saving devices are worked out. It is shown that electric power expenditure is reduced and processing cost efficiency increases at continuous operation of organizational management.
Key words: thermodiffusion galvanizing, zinc coating, electric power, efficiency


Dobrinsky Ye. S. — Automotive industry of Russia under conditions of system crisis

The author of article considers the questions connected with the reasons, problems, possibilities and other features of financial crisis for the automobile companies. In article the material illustrating results of the enterprises and the Russian car industry in 2008 is resulted. Also in article find reflexion strategic measures which are undertaken by the state and the companies for decrease in negative consequences of system financial and economic crisis.
Key words: system crisis, car industry, financial and economic crisis, strategic measures


Ivanov A. N. — International specialized exhibition "lntertool'2008"


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