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Contents (№8 2007)
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Mastenko V. Yu. — Highly productive mechanized bielectrode build-up submerged arc welding feeding auxiliary earth wire into the arc burning zone

Senchenko I. K., Chervinko O. P., Turyk E., Ryabtsev I. A. — Study of the thermo-mechanical state of the cylindrical parts padded by austenitic and martensitic steels

Pribytkov G. A., Khramogin M. N., Durakov V. G., Korzhova V. V. — Coatings electron-beam surfaced by composite powders of titanium carbide — binder from the rapid machining steel P6M5

Grigoryants A. G., Misyurov A. I., Chzhan Tsin — Formation of pads by pulse periodic laser emission

Latypova Ye. Yu., Furmanov S. M., Tsumarev Yu. A., Yemelyanov S. N. — Spot contact welding die cooling system update

Korotkov V. A., Shekurov A. V. — Study of plasma hardening


Lebedev V. A. — Peculiar properties of steels pulsed welding

Plyshevsky M. I., Tyurin V. N., Semionov A. I. — Property integrated assessment of the welded joints of pipes from zirconium alloy containing 2,5 % of niobium, conducted by friction welding

Kapustin O. Ye., Vyshemirsky Ye. M., Sevostyanov S. P. — Gas cutting and welding processes safety and quality upgrading in the "Gasprom" JSC enterprises system

Ignatov A. P., Makarenko V. D., Bakeev R. B., Shevtsov V. L. — Study of the copper wastes recovery by electroslag remelting

Volkov D. V., Schukin M. V. — Design of a computer-aided system for design documentation electronic repository


Orsik L. S., Fiodorov A. A. — Expert evaluation to arrange plant investment resources management


Bernadsky V. N., Makovskaya O. K. — Advancement in welding production of Republic of Korea


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