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Muraviov V. I., Kleshnina O. N., Kouznetsov A. A., Bakhmatov P. V. Influence of the welding thermal cycle conditions on the weld metal structure and properties of the titanium alloys

The influence of welding thermal cycle on structure and properties of welding joints made with titanium alloy BT20 were investigated. It was demonstrated that removal of capillary condensed moisture from welding billet surfaces and degasifying of molten bath via WTC parameters causes eliminating of porosity and significant loss of welding joint mechanical properties.
Key words: titanium structures, pore-formation, welding thermal cycle, capillary condensed moisture, strength properties, structure

Labur T. M., Ischenko A. Ya., Taranova T. G., Grigorenko G. M., Kostin V. A., Chayka A. A. Fracture micromechanism under conditions of eccentric tension of the welded joints from the alloy 1422, carried out by fusion welding

Research results of the fracture micromechanisms and fracture morphology features of different areas of the welded joint from aluminium-lithium alloy 1422 carried out by fusion welding, which are dependent on the stress concentrator position regarding imposed load at eccentric tension, are given.
Key words: fuse welding, fracture mechanism, stress raiser, operating capacity

Novoseltsev Yu. G., Tuf S. M. Metallurgical processes' features at chromic bronze plasma-arc welding

Metallurgical processes in the welding pool at chromic bronze plasma-arc welding are considered. Causes of defect, autocrack and pore formation are established, clearing measures are developed.
Key words: plasma arc welding, void and crack formation, mechanical properties, alloying

Isakayev E. Kh., Mordynsky V. ., Tyuftyayev A. S., Avilkin Yu. M., Katarchic V. A. Higher service life of the mud pumps high-wearing parts

Promising techniques of strengthening high-wearing friction pairs of the mud pumps are analyzed and application expediency of the powder plasma-jet hard-facing to increase service life of cylinder bushes and valve assemblies is shown. Results of laboratory and commercial tests to determine possibility of rod plasma wear-resistant coating application for the pumps of the 32-125 type are covered.
Key words: cylinder bush, mud pump, powder plasma-jet hard-facing, plasma spraying, mud pump rod, abrasion wear

Zenin V. V., Boyko V. I. Contact reactive soldering application at power semiconductors production

Features of the crystal contact-reactive soldering to package body are considered. Crystal soldering techniques to the package bodies of power semiconductors forming SiAu, AlZn and ZnSn eutectics are analysed. New method of the plumbeousless contact-reactive soldering of crystals forming SiAu, AlZn, ZnSn AlZnSn eutectics are developed and tested.
Key words: contact-reactive soldering, crystals, gold spacer, foil, solder

Temnykh V. I., Kazakov V. S., Mutyayev A. Ye., Temnykh Ye. V. Composite gallium pastes-solders for low-temperature diffusion soldering ceramic-metal assemblies

Composite gallium soldering pastes for the low-temperature diffusive soldering of the sintered metal units are considered. Composition of the solders and properties of the joints are covered. Influence of soldering operating data on the mechanical properties of the solders is investigated.
Key words: soldering, process-dependent parameters, practical design characteristics, soldering paste


Kryukov A. V., Pavlov N. V., Kouzmin Ye. S. Efficient characteristic determination of the carbon dioxide machine welding conditions

A possibility in principle to carry out carbon dioxide welding process using electrode wire pulse feed is shown. It is established that steady welding process behaviour is takes place over the frequency range 45 to 60 Hz, depending on the spacing of pickups.
Key words: carbon dioxide welding, pulse feed, process quality

Kovtunov A. I., Chermashentseva T. V., Selyanin P. N., Khokhlov Yu. Yu. Copper filler wire usage at welding aluminium-silicic coated steel

There are a problems with restoration of a covering on a joining along with a problem of decrease of mechanical properties of welded joints at manufacturing of mufflers from steels with silicon alum coat. Considering a design of the muffler, this process practically is not realizable from a joint underside. Therefore it was offered to do welding by a copper welding wire that promotes formation of metal structure of a seam without intermetalic phases, and allows to raise strength and plasticity of welded joints practically to level of the basic metal and to provide high heat and corrosion resistance.
Key words: welding, welded joints, copper wire, basic metal, heat and corrosion resistance

Rastorguyev G. A. Mechanization of the assembly-welding operations at welding base stand under conditions of multipart production

Auxiliary operations at block devices foundations manufacturing are considered. It is established that they are labour intensive and non-mechanized. A reset combined production system for the block devices foundations welding is offered.
Key words: base, longitudinal and transverse beam, reset facilities, assembly-welding operation

Volkov S. S. Ultrasonic weld of the rounded products from the polyamide 610

An ultrasonic weld technique of the rounded products from the polyamide 610 is worked out and quality tight joint throughout the contour is obtained. An ultrasonic weld waveguide, i.e. a rounded titanic tool is designed.
Key words: ultrasonic weld, polyamide, rounded products, welded joint, waveguide

Yemelyanov S. G., Lukashev Ye. A., Oleynik A. V., Stavrovsky M. Ye., Frolov V. A., Pouzryakov A. F. Machinery multifunctional deposition technologies

A quality control system approach methodology of the engineering industry product operability assurance is developed applying surface engineering modern means, operating conditions diagnostics, component surface layer bearing capacity upgrading techniques and function restoration at product life stages.
Key words: prognostication, control, technology complex, multifunctional coatings, working capacity


Badalova A. G., Yeleneva Yu. Ya., Shebarov A. I. Cardinal problems of machine building plants' development management

When managing a plant development involving a possibility of onset and expansion of crisis up to loss of business, in order to prevent crises or minimize their consequences it is necessary to handle risks of the plant. The latter is a binding constituent of the plant development management, and worked out toolkit (i.e. interdependence model of level of development, life-cycle stages, risks and crises with key plant state characteristics) allow management to make valid decisions on plant development management in accordance with risks or crises.
Key words: management, machine building plant, risks, crisis, model


Svetlikov A. S. System of studying machinery repair procedures under conditions of in-house personnel training

Metalworker's sequence of operations at repairing characteristic mating members is considered using components of lathe spindle rotatory motions as an example.
Key words: planning, training of workers, personnel training, technological process


Palievskaya E. A., Sidlin Z. A. Association "Electrode" is 20 years

llyina 1.1. Scientific-technical seminar "Brazing2010"


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