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Khairoullin T. V., Khairoullin R. V., Stolbov V. I., Klimov A. S. — Effect of the argon-arc welding thermal-physic conditions on the properties of welded plate stock

Research results of the effect of the argon-arc welding thermal-physic conditions on the properties of welded plate stock for stamping are covered.
Key words: argon-arc welding, welded blank part, stampability

Grishaguin V. M., Demenkova L. G. — Welding spray formation process modelling of the mining shaft equipment

The thermodynamic model of formation welding an aerosol is formulated. Calculation of thermodynamic parameters of chemical compounds and phases of aerosols is carried out. The program for numerical calculation of level of allocation of various elements is offered at a variation of the parameters changing a mode of welding. The received results are compared with the known results described in the literature.
Key words: welding an aerosol, concentration, thermodynamic calculations, numerical modelling

Yegorov N. I., Yemelyanenko A. A. — Investigation of the effective diffusion coefficient of hydrogen under conditions of thermal cycle of welding

Research facility was made. It helps to develop a method of measuring the effective diffusion coefficient of hydrogen in the case of thermal cycle of welding. Dependences coefficient of the temperature were investigated for different structure classes of the steel: ferrite-pearlite, martensite, bainite, martensite-aging and austenite. These dependences reflect the peculiarities of chemical composition and structural transformations in the conditions of welding.
Key words: welding, steels, effective diffusion coefficient of hydrogen, thermal cycle of welding

Burak P. I., Rudobashta S. P. — Coolant rate optimization for electrocontact welding

The technique of definition of the expense of a cooling liquid for electrocontact welding is offered. The expense of a cooling liquid for cases of electrocontact welding of a steel tape 50ХФА to the cylindrical sample from a steel 45 through an intermediate layer from metal powder Ni3-00-02 and Stemet 1301 is calculated. Reliability of the received values of the expense of a cooling liquid is confirmed high прочностными by characteristics of connected materials.
Key words: expense, cooling liquid, electrocontact welding, criterion, factor, material

Dragunov V. K., Ryzhkin R. A. — Nitrogen microsupply effect on the welded joints’ formation at electron-beam welding

The features of the electron-beam welding (EBW) with a supply of a nitrogen into the weld pool are considered. The atmosphere effects on the focusing of the electron beam and the depth of penetration are shown. The results of experiments are given, the dependencies of the chemical composition of weld metal and mechanical properties of welded joints on the amount of the supplied nitrogen are determined. The advisability of the nitrogen doping austenitic heat resistant steels welds in the process of EBW in order to increase the hot cracking resistance of the weld metal is suggested.
Key words: electron-beam welding, nitrogen microsupply, depth of penetration, electron beam focusing, mechanical properties

Starostin H. P., Danzanova Ye. V., Sivtseva V. V. — Mathematical modelling of polyethylene tubes low-temperature electrosocket welding

It is suggested to consider phase transition behaviour in the temperature range when simulating heat process at welding polyethylene tubes for gas pipelines. Comparison results of the theoretical time dependencies of temperatures and experimental data are given, and effectiveness of this approach for temperature field dynamics determination in the welds is shown.
Key words: welding, phase transition, polyethylene, temperature, melting, crystallization, socket,Stefan problem, smoothing of coefficients


Lebedev V. A., Tischenko V. A. — Punching tools mechanized surfacing control with condition modulation

Research results of the low-frequency modulation controlled parameters effect on the weld bead data at refacing matrix of punching tools are covered. Degrees of the effect of frequency and off-duty ratio of modulated conditions on the mechanical properties of the pad and its metal structure are determined. Guidelines on technology application with controlled modulated conditions at restoration of the matrix leading edges of the punching tools are offered.
Key words: stamp, matrix, surfacing, modulation, arc, semiautomatic device, core wire, pad

Korotkov V. A., Mikhailov I. D. — CC machine rollers’ welding

As a result of 20 years’ practice of CC machine rollers’ welding at the Composite JSC, surfacing material and facing techniques have been investigated and optimized. Obtained results allowed arranging rollers’ welding in production quantities (approximately 1000 pcs. per year), including import substitute purpose.
Key words: surfacing, rollers, wire, wear

Chigarev V. V., Belik A. G. — Flux-cored strips for welding

Principal constructions of the flux-cored strip electrode materials for mechanized arc surfacing of alloyed and composite materials allowing adding required properties to the component operating surfaces are considered; also pad fusion and formation features with the necessary welding processing characteristics are covered, taking into consideration flux-cored strip production techniques.
Key words: surfacing, flux-cored strip electrode, welding processing characteristics

Parshin S. G., Parshin S. S., Buerkner G. — Effect of the activating flux superdispersed particles of on the laser welding process

Research results of the effect of the superdispersed activating fluxes on the steel S235JR penetration process change and weld quality carried out at low rate laser welding are described.
Key words: activating flux, welded joints, laser welding


Yunin I. Yu., Feofanov A. N., Kapitanov A. V., Mitrofanov V. G. — Information analysis systems for industrial plant management

One of the most important tasks of the industrial plant scheduling is actual data extraction from the accounting systems using data warehouse. The latter gives an opportunity for constructing reporting forms, multivariate analysis with different level of detailing, graphic representation of information, automatic deviation computation. The above mentioned functions allow using stored in the warehouse information for a better накопленную в хранилище информацию для лучшего plant management control and business understanding. Analytical reports may be run over in different layout and by many devices: as a WEB-page from computer and mobile equipment, as spreadsheets, as formatted report with strictly settled order.
Key words: analytic control system of production profitability, manufacturing automation


Suslov An. A. — The 10th International exhibition and conference "Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics in industry’ 2011"

Paliyevskaya Ye. A., Sidlin Z. A. — The International conference on welding materials


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