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Gnyusov S. F., Budnitski A. D., Golkovski M. G. — Influence of quantity of electron bunch passes on structure-phase state of coatings based on high-speed steel

The research results are given by means of the metallographic, X-ray and chemical analysis of the structure, phase composition and hardness of coatings based on the steel P6M5 and composition steel P6M5+WC performed by means of the concentrated relativistic electron bunch put into the atmosphere.
Key words: high-speed steel, electron bunch, structure, hardness

Shibalov M. V., Ananyev A. I., Kurkov A. A. — Research of structure anomalies in welds of alloy АМг6 by means of X-ray images

With help of microradiograph method it was shown that strips on X-ray photographs of some welds are represented by the projections of pen crystals, producing the anisotropy of mechanical characteristics. Anisotropy is characterized by the work of destruction of the welding joining.
Key words: strips in X-ray photographs of welds, microradiography, pen crystals, work of destruction, anisotropy

Sayfullin R. N., Yuferov K. V. — Microstructure of coatings of high-carbon steel ribbons obtained by electrocontact welding

The research results of the microstructure of the heat-affected zone and the coating obtained by the restoration of the details of heat-treated, high-carbon steel ribbons by electrocontact welding are given.
Key words: electrocontact welding, detail restoration, heat treatment, microstructure

Volkov S. S. — Using of piezoelectric oscillatory systems for welding of synthetic fabrics

High-quality oscillatory systems for the welding of synthetic fabrics are examined. It is shown that it is necessary to construct ultrasonic generators with self-tuning on the given oscillation amplitude in order to increase the productivity of welding process and reduce the electric power. The productivity analysis of the ultrasonic welding process is performed using piezoceramic and nickel converters as well as existent methods of the seam welding of synthetic fabrics made of polymeric materials.
Key words: ultrasonic welding, synthetic fabrics, converters, productivity


Moskvitin G. V., Polyakov A. N., Birger Ye. M. — Laser welding of plastic materials (review)

Methods of the laser welding of plastic materials, used equipment, technologies of joining heterogeneous transparent plastics are analysed as well as the hybrid technologies of the laser welding of plasic.
Key words: laser welding, plastic, welds, quality

Parshin S. G. — Productivity increase of MIG welding of aluminum alloys by means of introduction of superdispersed particles of activating fluxes

Problems of the productivity increase of the automatic MIG welding of aluminum alloys and problems of the improving of electrode metal drop transfer and quality of welded joints are examined by means of the research of influence of rapid processes of superdispersed activating fluxes on the properties of a welding arc and formation of welded joints.
Key words: automatic MIG welding, aluminum alloys, drop transfer, activating fluxes

Lebedev V. A., Plyusch D. V. — Influence of mechanical perturbations on formation of welded joint

The research results of mechanical perturbations caused by inaccuracies in the assemblage of welded workpieces and by deviation in the work of the displacement mechanisms of a welding instrument are given as well as the ways and possibilities of elimination of consequences of welding under the influence of the mentioned perturbations are examined.
Key words: arc welding, consumable electrode, equipment, weld, perturbation

Tsumarev Yu. A., Ignatova Ye. V., Latypova Ye. Yu. — Evolution of scarf butt brazed joint

The results of the comparison of scarf butt brazed joints of different constructions by the type of working stress distribution are given. A brazed joint construction of toothed type is proposed, and its finite element calculation is performed. This calculation showed slight concentration of stresses in the joints of such a construction.
Key words: brazed joints, working stresses, carrying capacity, construction


Korneyeva V. M., Negrimovskaya N. P., Feofanov A. N. — Calculation of optimal number of experts and level of identifying data according to results of preliminary survey

Getting to the development of methods of evaluating the quality of an object, first perform a survey of experts aimed at identifying the maximum number of data, using a technique which will be built, that is, the "generation" of the original data set. Under the Data (or "propositions") understand that the set of homogeneous data, which should provide the expert as a result of the survey according to the purpose of examination. These may include: performance characteristics that make the quality evaluation of the object, the external factors affecting the quality, the possible solutions for facility assessment and proposals to improve the quality, etc.
Key words: qualimetry, expert, quality, performance characteristics


Iosifov P. A., Pervanyuk A. S., Verger A. Ye. — Training complexes integration into informational structure of enterprise as a means of effectiveness increase of technician’s training and retraining processes 

Integration of technicians’ training and retraining systems into the informational structure of an enterprise, main tasks of the integration process and its solution means, integration key fields regarding usage of standard data warehouse, as well as educational methodological approaches governing efficient application of the obtained by personnel knowledge at real-life operation after the training are considered.
Key words: training facilities, education, training, retraining, integration, integrated information space


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