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Vlasov А. F., Kushchiy А. М. — Electrocinder casting of blanks for coiling machine drum sectors through the use of electrically conducting exothermic fluxes

It is established that the developed method of manufacturing blanks for the sectors of the coiling machine drums from 20X3MVF steel by using "solid" start and exothermic fluxes significantly reduces the complexity of their manufacture. The cast billets for the coiling machine drum sectors obtained by the electroslag remelting method have a smooth surface without corrugations, sinks, and cindery inclusions. Heat treatment provides the required mechanical properties in cast electroslag metal within the limits for the brand name composition of this steel and higher than that of the forged metal of open smelting. Electroslag blanks castings for coiling machine drums features defect-free surface with a yield of up to 85 %, a cross-sectional stable chemical composition, low content of gases and non-metallic inclusions.
Key words: exothermic flux, electroslag casting, solid start, quality metal, drum winder sector


Khaldeev V. N. — The method of obtaining precision spherical shells

Combination of electric and erosion treatment and relation of the manufactured storage and the tube kind electrode instrument relative to its axis provides achieving spherical precision surfaces. High quality of the form is gained owing to self-profiling of the working surface of the electrode-instrument.
Key words: electroerosion treatment, spherical surface, seif-profiling of the instrument


Buryakin А. V., Gusev V. М., Naumenko I. G., Tsirkov P. А. — Features of the coatings electric arc sputtering on the outer cylindrical surfaces of small diameter

This article presents the distribution study results of the coating thickness obtained by electric arc metallization. It is established that the coating thickness distribution on the sample in the direction of the wire plane and perpendicular to this plane is not the same. It is shown that when coating of the outer cylindrical surfaces, placing the metallizer so that the wire plane is perpendicular to the product axis, increases the uniformity of the coating in thickness and increases the utilization rate of the spattered material.
Key words: arc metallization, coating thickness, metallizer, wire electrode


Latypova Е. Yu., Tsumarev Yu. А. — Reducing the stress concentration at the repair of pipelines through the use of chops

A comparative computer-based finite-element analysis of the stress state of the chop-pipe connections during the repair of main pipelines was carried out. The results of this analysis show that to reduce the stress concentration, you can use a brazing seam that fills the gap between the chop and the pipe in the faulty fusion zone. It is proposed to exclude from the design of the connection such a structural element as the head of the chop, and the welded joint to perform according to the butt joint scheme along a closed contour with a bevel of one or both of the joined edges.
Key words: chop, stress concentration, faulty fusion, soldered-welded joint, chop head, butt one-sided welded joint with bevel of the edge, finite element analysis, stress state, root of weld

Farkhatzade E. М., Musaev Z. N., Balaeva А. G. — New source of alternative energy

Conclusions of analytical researches of process of returning a certain part of the energy, spent in the course of breaking of the transportation means, are resulted. Full data, that the energy, received in a short time interval from breaking, collects in the multistage store of mechanical energy are given, further it slowly transforms into electric, filling storage batteries, that in the future has been used for transportation means movement. The question of stabilization of process electromechanical transformation by mechanical and electric methods also is considered in the article.
Key words: breaking, cable, returnable spring, break disk, electric generator, post


Polishchuk V. S., Alekhov Yu. A., Voloshanovich I. N., Shavshina A. N., Milova E. A. — Dynamic wear resistance of abrasive and magnetic abrasive powders

The dynamic wear resistance of abrasive and composite magnetic abrasive powders is investigated. The coefficient of dynamic wear is presented as the value of the ratio of the sublattice mass of powders to the duration of their abrasion for the first time proposed a method for quantifying the wear resistance of abrasive and magnetic abrasive powders.
Key words: wear resistance, abrasive, composite magnetic abrasive powder, abrasive powder, mechanical mortar, granulometric structure, electrocorundum, carbonyl iron


Ismagilov F. R., Yangirov I. F., Mаksudov D. V., Safiullin R. A. — Multifunctional spiral speed and acceleration sensor

The paper deals with the spiral velocity and acceleration sensor, which includes the possibility of determining the angular acceleration and linear velocity. Its mathematical model with analytical calculations and experimental confirmation of the obtained theoretical positions is constructed.
Key words: spiral, sensor, circuit, acceleration, speed


Rozinov А. Ya. — Physical transformation of instrumental gas analytical leak tightness control

The article presents an analysis of the methods sensitivity for monitoring hermeticity based on the use of freon and helium. It is shown that while reducing the requirements of sensitivity, organic gaseous test media can be used. An analysis of the physical characteristics of these media is adduced. A study of the main indicators composition for evaluating the sensitivity and penetrating ability of organic gaseous media that determine the effectiveness of hermeticity control with their use is carried out.
A graph of the sensitivity threshold change for a physically transformed instrumental gas-analytical hermeticity control at a different level of concentration of the test medium is adduced. The results of accuracy experimental verification of this graph are given. The highest sensitivity level of the hermeticity monitoring method by using organic gaseous media is established.
Key words: haloid leak detection method, mass-spectrometric control method, through micro-densities, controlled objects, gaseous medium, partial pressure, leak detectors, sensitivity index, atmospheric pressure, volatile substances, degree of safety, pressure difference


Kim V. А., Shchelkunov Е. B., Samar Е. V., Yakubov Ch. F. — Mathematical modeling of deformation-dynamic metal cutting processes

The deformation processes of chip formation during metal cutting occur in non-equilibrium conditions according to a synergistic algorithm. The high rate of plastic deformation and closeness of the cutting zone does not allow to carry out direct measurements. Therefore, mathematical modeling plays an important role in the study of such processes.
The article presents the results of modeling the deformation processes of chip formation, performed by using the computer complex DEFORM-2D. It is shown that deformation-dynamic cutting processes are cyclical in nature, associated with the accumulation and discharge of elastic energy during deformation of the sheared layer and its transformation into chips.
Key words: plastic deformation, elastic deformation, metal cutting, chips, mathematical modeling


Chavdarov А. V., Lyalyakin V. P. — Automation of welding and deposition processes at the production of agricultural machinery

The paper presents the results of the analysis of the features of automatic welding systems acquisition to perform typical welding operations. Examples of automatic welding machines are given. The analysis of features of creation of the auxiliary welding equipment with the description of the main entering knots for welding and the direction of details like "shaft" and "flat surface" is given.
Key words: automation, welding systems, welding, surfacing


Baraev A. V., Dolzhanskiy Yu. M., Ilingina A. V., Zurnadzhi I. A., Tomilova A. V. — Information electronic passports for technologies and special equipment developed by FSUE "NPO Tekhnomash" in 2018 

The list of data sheets with their examples for technologies and special processing equipment for machinery and engine manufacturing in the aerospace industry are given.
Key words: data sheet, metal spinning, welding, brazing, manufacturing inspection, manufacturing testing, special coatings, additive technologies, industrial cleanness combined technologies, special machine-tool manufacturing, gyroscope manufacturing


Zharkevich О. М., Abdrakhmanova R. Z. — Improving the system of preventive maintenance of LLP "Maker" KLMZ

Database of metal-cutting machines of LLP "Maker" — KLMZ is made. The database of defects for metal-cutting machines LLP "Maker" KLMZ is made. The elements for the process of creating and implementing a complex of simulation modeling are described. A block diagram of the algorithm for the simulation model of the decision-making process on the possibility of carrying out a different type of maintenance is developed. The advantages of the simulation complex are described in comparison with the existing planning tool for the PPM schedule.
Key words: planned preventive maintenance, defect, machine tools, simulation


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