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Dronov E. A., Barakhov V. I. — Structural features of cast iron cylinder of diesel engine, determined using X-ray tomography

The results of the application of X-ray computed tomography in determining the structural features of cast iron cylinder diesel engines AK "Tulamashzavod" are given.
Possible inhomogeneous distributions of the density of unit cells in cross sections, depending on the design features of the cylinder, heat treatment, sequence in one melting, based on the analysis of the obtained results are shown.
Key words: X-ray tomography, structural features, cast-iron cylinder, diesel engine


Khromov V. N. — Technology of hardening when restoring parts of automotive tractor diesel engines by thermoplastic deformation

The possibility of restoring the internal cylindrical surfaces of workpieces from carbon steels by creating a mobile temperature gradient along the axis of the workpieces and the outer cylindrical surfaces of the workpieces by creating a temperature gradient along the radius of the part is experimentally and practically is justified.
Key words: temperature gradient, geometric dimensions, inductor, sprayer, metal redistribution, sleeve


Dmitriev B. M. — Method of testing a metal-cutting machine for accuracy parameters under the influence of thermal processes

The article is devoted to the evaluation of the quality of the assembled machine by the parameters of accuracy under the action of thermal processes. The existing state of the quality evaluation of the machine under the action of thermal processes is characterized by a sufficiently long time and low quality obtained information about the thermal state of the machine. Such a state exists when these methods are used, the application of which is accompanied by the receipt of data with extensive uncertainties in the test results. This uncertainty in estimating the parameters of the geometrical accuracy of the machine during testing occurs under the following circumstances: the ambiguity of the reproduction of the thermal effects on the bearing system of the machine and use as a reference point of the thermal state of the prototype and use as a parameter characterizing the thermal state of a distributed parameter design such as temperature. In the proposed work, these features are taken into account, which allowed to ensure the testing of the design of the machine during the shift to obtain stable reproducible results.
Key words: machine tool, thermal processes, machine accuracy parameters, uncertainty of test results


Brovman M. Ya. — Improvement of the pipeline assembly process

By Assembly and welding of pipe-lines at butt welded joints of neighbor pipes appear steppes because of differences of diameters and displacements of pipes and they increasehydraulic resistance and produce oscillations of pressure. They decrease durability of pipes and may produce their rupture.
New process of assembly and welding is proposed, which gives possibility to increase exactness of pipelines and their durability.
Key words: tubes, welding, assembly, exactness


Zhetesova G. S., Zharkevich O. M., Nurzhanova O. A. — Estimation of quality indicators of gas-thermal coatings

The data of the quality indicators from the results of studies of gas-thermal coatings with powders 12N-02, PS-12NVK-01, SNGN-55 on the detail from Article 3 are given. It is established that the quality of gas-thermal coatings is determined by adhesion and cohesion strength, porosity, residual stress level, wear resistance of coatings.
Key words: thermal coating, adhesion, cohesion, porosity, residual stresses, wear resistance


Kanaev A. T., Zhusin B. T., Gulyarenko A. A., Sarsembayeva T. U. — Plasma hardening of replaceable parts soil-cutting tools of agricultural machinery

In the article, based on our own research and analysis of literature sources, it is shown that to prolong the service life of heavily loaded wearing parts is surface plasma hardening. Plasma hardening is efficient and rational under parameters of universality, availability and economy. Such a hardening heat treatment is easily integrated into the technological process of restoring parts, without changing the parameters of the surface roughness. This finishing operation is low cost; it is productive enough and allows to increase effectively operational reliability of replaceable details of agricultural machines.
The plasma modification with tempering at 300 °C provides the best combination of high strength, plastic and viscous properties for heavily loaded replacement parts of the working organs of soil-cutting machines, which is proved by comparing the results of five investigated options for thermal hardening of flat samples of steel 65G.
At ultrafast heating rates during plasma quenching, phase transformations are shifted to high temperatures. This thermally activated process strongly influences the kinetics of the onset and growth of new embryonic phase.
Key words: plasma, hardening, strengthening, tempering, normalization, steel, replacement parts, structure, soil-cutting machines, martensite, ferrite, perlite, wear resistance, hardness, toughness


Babadzhanov L. S., Babadjanova M. L., Koryushkina T. A. — About the service life of the thickness measures of zinc coatings steel

The article presents the periodic testing results of measures for the thickness of zinc coatings on steel, confirming the service life and the expediency of using zinc coatings.
Key words: standard, thickness gauge, thickness, verification


Vavilov V. P., Chulkov A. O., Derusova D. A., Pan Yanyan — New ideas in the active thermal control

Progress in the field of active thermal control, with an emphasis on research conducted during last years at Tomsk Polytechnic University is described briefly. Variants of thermal defectoscope devices and a number of new algorithms for processing infrared thermogram sequences are considered.
Key words: infrared thermography, thermal testing, LED, image processing


Sobolev A. N., Nekrasov A. Ya., Arbuzov M. O., Rivkin A. V. — Perfection of the computer-aided design technique of hypocycloid pin gears

The article presents an overview of the methodology of the calculation of hypo-cycloidal pin gears, which are used in modern engineering. Advantages and disadvantages of hypo-cycloidal pin transmissions have been described. A description of upgraded methods and tools of automated design of hypo-cycloidal pin gears has been given.
Key words: hypo-cycloidal pin gear, computer-aided design, modeling, calculation


Gavrikov M. M., Sinetsky R. M., Mezentseva A. Yu., Zakharov M. A., Petrov M. S. — Algorithmic realization of the structurally-approximated approach to metrological 3D-control of cellular surfaces of industrial products

The work is devoted to the development of structural-approximation algorithms for onedimensional analysis of 3D images and their application in the task of metrological control of geometric parameters of surfaces of large-sized industrial products of cellular structure.
3D images are represented as point clouds obtained by triangulation laser scanning of products. One-dimensional analysis is achieved through the decomposition of the object, by replacing the 3D image with its component line of points, and the subsequent construction of one-dimensional structural models of these lines. The proposed algorithms are based on the general conceptual scheme of the structural-approximation synthesis of onedimensional images of objects with a regular structure. Results of approbation of received algorithms in experiments and estimation of their effectiveness in comparison with algorithms presented by the authors in the previous publications are presented.
Key words: structural approximation method, metrological control, 3D image, point cloud, laser triangulation scanner


Martishkin V. V., Sukhova Т. S. — Determination of the quality of technical products for classical Pareto and Gauss distributions

The calculating principle of technical products quality by the "determining" detail method is considered. The Pareto principle 80/20 is based on the method in which 20 % of the "defining" parts in the assembly unit provide 80 % of the functionality and reliability of the entire assembly unit. It is shown that it is possible to use the Pareto and Gauss distributions, what significantly reduce the complexity of calculating the quality of technical products.
Key words: Pareto principle, assembly unit, product quality calculation, determining part


Zenkovich M. V., Drews Yu. G. — Increasing the effectiveness of decision-making in the evaluation of investment projects for the creation and modernization of machine-building enterprises workshops

The methods and software to evaluate the effectiveness and carry out comparison of alternative projects for machine-building enterprice shops are considered. The efficiency valuation task is formulated in terms of decision-making theory. The presented approach is based on the use of simulation modelling for valuation the technological and design solutions used to design considered machine-building enterprice. Arguments in favor of the application of this approach are adduced. The use of the proposed approach is considered on the example of the modernization project of the machine-building enterprice foundry.
Key words: decision-making support, effisiency valuation of investment projects, simulation modelling, production system


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