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Feklistov S. I., Bazhenov V. V., Potapov N. N. Analysis of the crystal I izable weld metal two-phase model hydrodynamic state

Khokhlatova L. B., Lookin V. I., Kolobnev N. I., loda Ye. N., Bazeskin A. V., Lavrenchook V. P., Koshkin V. V., Mezentseva Ye. A.Perspective aluminium-lithium alloy 1424 for welded constructions of the aerospace hardware products 

Lookin V. I., loda Ye. N., Kolobnev N. I., Zheguina I. P., Lavrenchook V. P., Bazeskin A. V.Aluminum alloys 1370 and 1913 weldability features

Khorev A. I. Development of the structural titanium alloys for the aerospace hard­ ware components and assembly units production

Rekus V. G. Composite metal materials' structure and physical properties changes in magnetic field

Klimenov V. A., Kovalevskaya Zh. G., Ulyanitsky V. Yu., Zaytsev K. V., Borozna V. Yu.Effect of the base ultrasonic machining on the covering formation at detonation spraying


Krampit N. Yu.Electrode metal melting and transfer control mode (A Review)

Ivannikov A. V.Root causes for the molten metal splashing at CO2-shielded arc welding

Krasnopevtsev A. Yu.Container soldering: classification and terminology

Alias A. A., Novosadov V. S.Process features of adherence junctions' formation at laser brazing

Shibalov M. V., Portnova G. F., Kufaykin A. Ya.Composite braze for ceramics brazing


Perekalina N. S. Innovative management and marketing at an industrial enterprise EDUCATION & PERSONNEL TRAINING

Nikiforova T. G.Problem reasoning techniques as factor to improve occupational competence of students when teaching "Manufacturing engineering" discipline      


Suslov An. A.The 3rd International specialized exhibition "Industry of education—2008"


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Abstracts of the published articles

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